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GD Blue Cut UV420

Blocks 100% harmful Blue Ray. 


We keep on thinking about blue lights from our computers and smartphones, but the reality is we get more exposure from blue light from the sunlight.
Children are more susceptible to eye damage from UV rays because the lens inside a child's eye is clearer than an adult lens, enabling more UV to penetrate deep into the eye. Children generally spend much more time outdoors than adults.
Blue Cut UV420 filter out the active blue light before it reaches our eyeballs.

GD Polarized

Polarized lenses contain a laminated filter that allows only vertically oriented light to pass through. This blocks the horizontally oriented light so that glare is almost eliminated.
Best for those everyday use especially in bright conditions, especially Water sports - fishing, boating, & sailing. People with excess light sensitivity and looking for the best performance.


  • Block severe glare & surface reflections.
  • Significantly increases vision clarity & color purity.
  • Help to reduce ocular headaches & eyestrain.
  • Improves visual comfort

GD Dual Surface Transcolor (Spin Coating)

GD Dual Surface Transcolor lenses that adapt to any light condition in any setting. Darkening in bright sunlight and lightening in overcast conditions

GD Pro™️ Freeform Round-Seg Bifocal

It is manufactured with two different viewing areas, the top of the lens for distance vision, and the curved segment at the bottom for reading, providing wide fields of clear vision for both zones. As there is no power progression, wearers will clearly notice the 'jump' between the two optical zones. However, the distinct advantage of no power progression is that there are no lateral lobes of unwanted astigmatism. Wearers benefit from comfortable vision and no distortion or swim effect.

GD Pro™️ Freeform

A pair of glasses for ALL distances.

GD Pro™️ Technology combines all the sophistication and engineering of the unique GD Pro™️ lens blank with an optimized digital design on the back surface. GD Pro's variable base curve reduces oblique aberrations, while GD Pro™️ design technology compensates and optimizes the back surface visual fields. Each unique wearer receives a fully personalized progressive lens that is more effective and comfortable to wear.

GD Single Vision RX

Experience excellent wearing comfort.

Single vision lenses will provide clear vision for seeing things close up or far away, depending on your prescription. Socialize, work or play, whatever life throws at you our single vision lenses accommodate your everyday needs.


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