GD Pro Max (NEW)

GD Pro Max

The latest Germany innovative lens design technology.

GD Pro™️ Max Office 4M

An occupation lens that ideally for near and intermediate distance vision.
Clear vision from reading distance up to 4 meters.

GD Pro™️ Max Office 4M appears as the premium occupational lens that optimizes for all near and intermediate distance works like office work, meetings and presentations. It's also an excellent choice for those wearers who require clear and comfortable vision while constantly working with digital devices. GD Pro™️ Max Office 4M utilizes the latest technology for progressive lens design, it assists with changes in focus at different working distances in more agile and accurate ways when the wearer is working or reading simultaneously with different screens.

GD Pro™️ Max Office 2M

Improve your visual experience in near and intermediate zone.
Clear vision from reading distance up to 2 meters.

GD Pro™️ Max Office 2M is optimized for all near distance works like many hobbies, cooking, handicraft-works, reading and computer work. The selected soft design offers comfortable near and intermediate visual areas with minimum lateral astigmatism. It provides wearers who utilize monitor but have a need to view another person at a conversational distance. In addition, wearing GD Pro™️ Max Office 2M results in a more natural and comfortable ergonomics, providing unbeatable comfort all day long.


GD Pro™️ Max Office 1M

Occupation lens for near and intermediate zone.
Clear vision from reading distance up to 1 meters.

GD Pro™️ Max Office 1M is optimized for near distance works like computer work on a desk. It is suitable for wearers who utilize monitors most of their time. In addition, wearing GD Pro™️ Max Office 1M provides unparalleled visual enjoyment when working with digital devices, providing unbeatable comfort all day long.

GD Pro™️ Max Specialized

Enjoy seamless vision at all distances.

GD Pro™️ Max Specialized is equipped with premium technologies for precise and effortless focusing. It is the latest innovative lens technology that maximizes the range of sharp vision needed at arm's length. A new approach to the progressive lens design allows wearers to seamlessly capture every detail to meet the modern presbyope's dynamic near vision needs.

  • High contrast vision
  • Maximizes visual fields at all distances
  • Excellent  performance in dynamic situations
  • Smooth visual adjustments
  • Multitask with ease
  • Natural posture for everyday activities

GD Pro™️ Max Spacious

Fast focus, sharp and dynamic vision for your active lifestyle.

GD Pro™️ Max Spacious is produced with the latest GD Pro™️ Max Technology that matches your unique facial anatomy to widen your field of vision, reduce the unpleasant swim and sway effect and provide a more natural head posture. It allows wearers to have better control of prescription differences and enjoy the superior visual experience and instant focus from near to far with lesser eye movement. 

  • Sharper vision even in low light
  • Wider field of vision
  • Excellent  performance in dynamic situations
  • Natural head posture for near work

GD Pro™️ Max Youth Add

Relaxes your eyes while using digital devices.

Gd Pro™️ Max Youth Add is an enhanced single vision lens that helps to relax tired eyes and prevents from adding further eye strain. It has been designed to help reduce visual fatigue caused by screens and to offer wearers better readability of small and pixelated characters. It will protect their eyes from harmful light coming from surrounding light sources and the sun both outdoors and indoors. Ideal solution for wearers who spend two or more hours a day focusing on digital screentime, looking for a superior lens to enhance visual comfort during prolonged screen time. 

  • Feel comfortable relaxed throughout the day
  • Support correct ergonomic posture
  • Filters harmful blue light
  • Clear vision at all distances


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