Delivery Policy
West Malaysia
RM15 for order below RM100.00
RM10 for order between RM100.00 to RM179.99
Free Shipping for order above RM180.00
East Malaysia
RM18 for order below RM150.00
RM12 for order between RM150.00 to RM 249.99
Free Shipping for order above RM250.00
RM20 for order below RM150.00
RM15 for order between RM150.00 to RM249.99
Free Shipping for order above RM250.00
Mon to Sun: Every order after 12:15p.m. will be considered as second working day.
Weekends ( Saturday & Sunday)- All orders will be auto-submitted by the system.

  • All Single Vision RX and Progressive Lens will be sent on 4 working days after payment received.
  • Special Coating will be sent on 6-8 working days based on the Schedule Production.
  • One year multicoating peeled off warranty apply for all products order on GD-Optics.

The Schedule Production of Special Coating:
DriveClear: Thur
Blue.UV Defender *NEW*:Mon/Wed/Fri
Blue Defender: Mon/Wed/Fri
Mirror: Thur
***The order placed of the day schedule production will be process on next schedule***
Exp: The order of Blue Defender placed on Monday will be process on Wednesday.
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