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GD Single Vision Sport

Superior dynamic distance vision for outdoor activities

GD Single Vision Sport is a personalized free-form single vision design lens creating the visual of distances with more agility and accuracy. It provides unparalleled visual quality in all gaze directions. The ideal choice for active people who want superior distance vision.

  • Individual backside FreeForm surfaces for optimal far vision
  • Especially for strongly curved frames with high base curves
  • Face form angle up to 35 degrees
  • Oblique astigmatism clearly reduced
  • High visual quality in all gaze directions
  • Center Thickness Optimization for plus lenses if frame shape is available

GD Pro™️ Captain

Unprecedented visual quality even above the clouds.

Pilots need eyeglasses that ensure precise vision at distances and close range. GD Pro™ Captain is personalized progressive lens that offers unsurpassed near vision through the upper and lower parts of the lens. GD Pro™ Captain lens provides more comfortable vision and easy transition between different viewing areas.

• Personalized design, comfortable near vision in the upper and lower areas of the lens
• High precision lens at all working distances
• Excellent dynamic vision

GD Pro™️ MyoChild 11.

Functional lenses specially designed for children aged 4 – 18

GD Pro™ MyoChild 11. is an innovative solution designed to control myopia progression. GD Pro™ MyoChild 11. adopts composite surface annular defocus design, incorporating an innovative 11 concentric rings design. GD Pro™ MyoChild 11. is having clear central vision and at the same time slowing axial eye growth. Research has found that GD Pro™ MyoChild 11. successfully slowed down myopia progression by up to 60%.

• Specialized for kids and adolescents between the ages of 4 and 18 with myopia, designed to control myopia progression
• Protect the eye from harmful UV rays
• Thin, easy to adapt, and safe for child
• Providing clear and sharp central vision and constant myopic defocus simultaneously

GD Pro™️ MyoChild A+™️

Functional lenses specially developed for teenagers and children

Suitable for teenagers and children with esophoria and exophoria. To prevent axial growth myopia from the peripheral of retina and at the same time possessing clear central vision in order to slow down the progression of myopia in adolescents.

• Specialized for kids and adolescents from 4 to 18 years old with myopia, designed to control eye axial growth.
• Provides clear and sharp central vision while taking peripheral vision into account and controlling the development of myopia.
• New HD, comprehensive free-form surface optimization design technology, which is the latest and most cutting-edge lens design technology in the world today
• Special designed single vision lens, high adaptability and super comfy while wearing

GD Pro™️ DriveMotion

GD Pro™️ DriveMotion is the personalized progressive lens that incorporates a power of distribution specifically adapted for driving. It includes a night vision zone for a greater visual quality and less fatigue when driving at night.

The power distribution has been specially conceived to allow wearers to drive without unnecessary head movements, lateral rear view mirrors located inside an astigmatism free zone, and dynamic vision has been also improved reducing astigmatism lobes to the minimum.

  • Night vision zone
  • Reduced stress and visual fatigue
  • Almost immediate adaptation
  • Wide visual field with less unwanted astigmatism

GD Pro™️ Extre Sport

Improved dynamic distance vision for outdoor activities

Extre Sport is a fully personalised progressive design specially optimized for sports and outdoor activities. Dynamic vision is the key to success in outdoor environments. Extre Sport lens design provides an extensive distance visual field with a minimum amount of oblique aberration in the periphery.

  • Wide and comfortable distance vision
  • Great stability in dynamic motion
  • Tilt astigmatism reduced
  • Suits the egornomics positions of body during outdoor activities

GD Pro™️ Freestyle

The most current progressive lenses in the industry offers the same visual solution to everyone. However, each wearer has a unique lifestyle with different visual requirements.

GD Pro™️ Freestyle is a personalized progressive lens that produces for each wearer individually, taking into account the different tasks, which defines our unique lifestyle.

By gathering and studying the information given previously by the patient, GD Pro™️ Freestyle lens changes its optical performance to offer a completely adapted visual solution.

GD Pro 2S™️

Better vision through improved image stability


GD Pro 2S™️ is a premium progressive lens with a unique architecture. On the front surface,the lens blank provides the ideal base curve in each area of the lens, offering an unbeatable visual quality. The back surface utilizes a personalized progressive digital design developed using an innovative method called, Steady, which dramatically reduces lateral distortions.


GD Pro™️ V'sian™️

Specifically developed for the Asian community of wearers

GD Pro™️ V’sian™️ is a semi-personalized progressive lens that has been specifically developed for the Asian community of wearers offering a superior visual experience while delivering the visual freedom they need.

V’SIAN™️ used an ultra-soft power distribution design to minimize lateral astigmatism, wearer nearly undetectable. This design offers more comfortable vision, easier transition between distances and a faster adaptation. Ultra-soft lens patients also perceive an expanded intermediate vision and translate it into a freedom vision with no limits.

  • Specifically adapted to Asian market visual requirements.

  • Extra-soft power distribution provides smoother edge-to-edge viewing.

  • Wider corridor for a large intermediate area.

  • V-Tech method to improve the wearer experience for myopes.

  • Superior visual performance and higher satisfaction.

GD Pro™️ Extre AH45™️

Premium personalized progressive lens that offers a great quality of vision and wide visual fields for any distance

Extre AH45™️ Engineered utilizing of the latest technology for progressive lens production, this design represents the most accurate combination of quality and comfort. Developed to be effective at any distance, its power distribution offers not only clarity of vision at all distances, but also generous visual fields providing wearer with freedom to look in any gaze direction. Among it’s many benefits it provides high definition vision due to an extraordinary optic architecture that eliminates oblique aberrations and improves peripheral vision.

  • 100% Personalization Parameters
  • Engineered as a high end all-purpose progressive lens

  • Personalization for easy adaptation and visual comfort

  • Great resolution due to Digital Ray-Path® technology

GD Pro™️ Extre Mobile

Designed exclusively for electronic device users


Extre Mobile is a progressive lens specifically designed for those who frequently use electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, or smartwatches. Its layout provides wide visual fields for both near and distance vision, along with a soft, comfortable transition to the reading zone.

  • REDUCED VISUAL FATIGUE More relaxed eyes.
  • DYNAMIC VISION Easy and agile switch from the near to intermediate zone.
  • IMPROVED FOCUS Better ability to read text on digital displays.
  • NATURAL POSITION Ergonomically comfortable.
  • FASTER ADAPTATION The lens doesn’t really need an adaptation period.
  • FULLY PERSONALIZED Unique lenses for each patient.

GD Pro™️ Comfy

General use progressive lens with generous visual areas for near and distance

Comfy is a non-compensated design specially engineered for experienced progressive wearers looking for a digital and economic solution. The distance and near vision zones are balanced to provide the wearer with a comfortable, all-purpose lens.

Comfy is produced with the latest Digital-Surfacing technology that assures clear vision and good quality. The compromise between visual field has been effectively balanced so it provides wearers with stable and generous areas for both distance and near vision.

  • Non-personalized daily use progressive lens
  • Balanced visual fields for all distances
  • Variable inset and thickness reduction

GD Pro™️ MyoChild

Extra Soft designed lens, Lateral Astigmatism is reduced Significantly and providing Clearer Peripheral Vision. 22 % Softer than others in the same category. Advantages for your Child's.

MyoChild® helps to correct myopia, besides controlling its evolution. In addition, MyoChild is a trustworthy and safe, non-invasive solution that has been designed for myopic children by international experts of myopia.

  • For young children, the visual needs of young people, provide suitable reading distance, sport vision
  • Enhances the stability and adaptability of vision in real life
  • Natural movement helps young children and teenagers to sit
  • Personalized design, enhanced vision
  • Based on frame optimization calculation
  • Reduce Adjustment Errors
  • Preventing Myopia from Deepening

Target population
  • Designed for children and teenagers

GD Single Vision RX Individualization

Visual performance incomparable with any other single vision lens.

Personalized Single-Focus lenses are designed with DRP for optimum optical performance, giving each wearer the best visual quality and superior comfort test. Optimize the individualized parameters of the design to customer the exclusive lens for each wearer.


  • Thinner and lighter lenses
  • High precision lenses based on prescription optimization
  • Has an unparalleled visual quality
  • Inner surface design has a wider field of view than traditional single light
  • Frame scanning technology to optimize lens design to meet different frames
Target population
  • Suitable for single focus vision correction, anisometropia, prism, astigmatism users
Users who have higher requirements for personalized single focus visual experience


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