Purchase Instruction
To avoid unessecary conflict, please read the related terms and conditions and properties of the products before purchasing, the policy is considered agreed after the payment has been made.

Parcel Receival
Please check the parcel as soon as you received it to ensure the package is perfectly undamaged and make sure you only sign for the parcel after confirmation of the product's quality. When you find out the parcel has any issues, please do contact us immediately! We will assist you as soon as possible. Thank you! 

Return/Exchange Policy
If the product received have any issues that are not man-made, please contact us within 2 hours to get the assist required and return the product within 120 hours. Late return will not be accepted. The delivery fee to return the product have to be paid by the product's owner due to the wholesale products by manufactures. We are deeply sorry for the inconveniences caused. We are strongly disagree with profiteering and intermediate agency. We firmly believe that the profit should belongs to the retailers. You will receive a credit voucher code via email once we have processed your return. Sorry that we’re unable to provide any refund in cash.





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